09 December 2021

Spit ‘n’ Static | Playlist

Resident Heads On Sticks, host of the Spit ‘n’ Static show has curated our latest Bandcamp playlist. Heads On Sticks holds down 2 radio shows, a music blog & podcast, so definitely keeps a finger on the pulse!

“For those that haven’t exposed themselves to the synthpunk, signal hijack that corrupts 1020 Radio every third Thursday, then perhaps this ‘lil Bandcamp playlist will provide a battery-licking taste of the alien splatter that you’re sorely missing out on!
By no means is the new wave of weird confined to the collated miscreants featured, but let the ‘chosen ones’ serve as an introductory garble to the alien filth and aural sects that could well usher a new, glazed-over life in Spit ‘n’ Static! cultdom!
Atonal honk, mind shredding garage-punk, screwed-up tape slop, fizzy drum machines, rubbery keyboards etc. etc, it’s all here! You’re most welcome! (I did warn ‘em…)”

Strange Visitors | Sentinels

Research Reactor Corp. | Toxic Beat

Leeches | Serve the Master

Billiam | Crocodile Sandwich

Sistema de Entretenimiento | Urotsukidoji

Dramachine | Ήρθε η ώρα

I Know I’m An Alien | Robot of Cash

Modal Zork | Plorko_Cage

Set-Top Box | Maxx Headroom

Headlice | Bacteria

Gee Tee | Mutant World

Isotope Soap | Autistic Eye

S.G.A.T.V. | Thank You American Spirit (For Killing Me)

Nervous Guy | Cybergang

Power Flower | Green Fuckers

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