08 March 2021

Pollination: Inspirations Playlist | Highlights Week

Every day is a celebration of all the unique people that make 1020 Radio what it is.
For our first Highlights Week we will be highlighting the talent from female, female identifying, non-binary & trans residents and friends in the music and creative communities around the world.

Residents Pollination have curated a playlist of music that has inspired the collective and the members involved.

This International Women’s Day, we’re hyped to share fifty incredible tracks by some of our favourite female, non-binary and transgender artists who are pushing the frontiers of electronic music today. Whilst we don’t know the exact figure, which has been reported to be between 2-6%, it’s undoubtable that the ratio of male to womxn artists in production is way off key. However, we’re excited to see the turning tide of a community who are connecting, collaborating and holding each other up. Big ups to the womxn doing it, and all the collectives, organisations and folk who support them.Pollination

Bruce Brubaker & Max Cooper | Opening (Laurel Halo Version)

Mystique | Redemption

Jossy Mitsu – Ø

Anz – Gary Mission

Alexis | Who’s There?

Syz | Bunzunkunzun (Yushh’s Droop Mix)

Mala Femmina | Ruff

CCL | Tachyon Frog

GutterFunk, Addison Groove | Bass Trips (Or:la Remix)

Leila Samir | Anxiety

Champion & Mina | XYLA

Angel D’lite | DANCE LIKE DOPLHIN (Jay Remix)

Ikonika | Kicks Count

Anna Morgan | I Don’t Really Care If U Want 2

Sarah Farina | Get It Gurl

Nite Fleit | Usual Suspects

Shcuro | Far Out (Violet Remix)

A.G | Lychee

Ell Murphy x DJ Crisps | So True – JT001

Eris Drew | Fluids Of Emotion [IT 44]

Maya Q | Are My Close (For Joe)

Pollination | Scotch Mist – Pool

No Nation & Sheba Q – Seasonal Grief

Chrissy | Clap Yr Hands (Nightwave Remix)

Octo Octo | Goddess Calling

Monika Ross | Cut Strategy

Plush Managements Inc. | Waiting For Plush

Shauna | Train Dream

DJ GIRL | Tunnel Vision

D. Tiffany & DJ Zozi | Arise

FAUZIA | berceuse

Logic1000 | Medium

Bored Lord | Do Not Let Her Go

Karima F | Flaccid House

AK SPORTS | Tank Girl

Estella Boersma | The Exoplanet

Grief Into Rage | Yazzus – Planet Pulse

Azu Tiwaline | Draw Me A Silence (Flore Remix)

Earwiggle | IMOGEN & Ben Pest – Misjudgement Day

Bex | Breath Through The Lips

Pollination | Yorobi – Example 20

UKJ | Charla Green – Babylon Fall

Angel D’Lite feat Eliza Rose | Pleasure Xone 43

Roza Terenzi | Stylist Tantrum

Maara | Ultimate Reward

Pascale Project | Fly Zone

Clemency | References

Parallel Minds | Ciel – Chug Of Passion

Maruwa | Ultraworld

Nadia Struiwigh | WOSP

Karen Gwyer | Ribbon On Neck

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