24 September 2021

Pollination | Open Culture: No Borders

London based collective & 1020 residents Pollination are launching an exciting community project!

In response to the upcoming Nationality and Borders Bill, known as the Anti-Refugee bill, Pollination are launching a campaign to demonstrate support for UK based refugees and asylum seekers. If the bill goes through through, it will allow the UK to reject an estimated 9,000 asylum seekers who are currently eligible to claim settlement every year.

The campaign will be a cross-arts project that will include the release of a multi-genre compilation, a limited run of exclusive prints designs by four different UK based illustrators and an event in London.
This project will be supporting & raising money for a charity called Kent Refugee Action Network (KRAN), that works with young people rebuild their lives after arriving unaccompanied in the UK to seek asylum.

“As members of the UK’s creative community, we come together to stand against this cruel and inhumane bill, which must be stopped. We believe that the UK, our collective home, is a place that welcomes all people.”

Project Announcement | Listen Back

Pollination made the announcement of this inspiring project during their latest 1020 radio show, where they invited some of the Youth Ambassador team from KRAN, the charity they will be supporting with this project, to talk about some of the work they do.

As well as sharing a couple of tracks from the forthcoming compilation throughout the show, they invited Royal College of Art alumni, Fiona Glen, to read a poem specially written for this project:


Seeds can carry across a sea on direction alone
landing with nothing to bloom as a bright somewhere.

Pollen accents the hearts of flowers
trading the keys to colour on those same winds.

Any wilderness is simply a tangle of many
who put down roots in shared grounds.

We pass understanding stand to strand
like trees speaking a language of exchange
sung through threads spun out in darkness, light with all the strength of a forest.

Fiona Glen

The Compilation

The multi-genre compilation will span breakbeat, garage, IDM, techno & jungle tracks created by an array of exciting UK based artists, including Shauna, Mystique, Drumskull, Eusebeia, Onav, Spektralsound, Sofia El-Harifi (Sofie K), Mercy System, West Norwood Cassette Library,  Victoria Wijeratne,  Wild Forts & more! The compilation will be available to pre-order from Friday 1st October.

We spoke to Yasmine & Sophie from Pollination about why the decided to embark on this project:

“We’re disgusted by the propositions put forward in this Anti-Refugee Bill by the Home Secretary; the lack of compassion is incomprehensible.Nothing is more unjust than the quality of a person’s life being determined by the position they happened to be born in, with such extreme polarisation occurring today. This will continue to grow rapidly as we experience the effects of climate change and the advancement of technology, and we believe it is essential for those who are born into a privileged position to provide as much support to others as they have the capacity to do so. On the other hand, it’s inspiring to witness the growing strength of public consciousness around systemic racism and increasingly widespread activity to push back.”

“We have chosen to support KRAN, as they play a pivotal role in supporting young people, who are those that have the power to shape the future. The artists were selected and approached to be involved as not only do we admire their creativity, but also their values when it comes to care and empathy for people.”
Yasmine & Sophie (Pollination)

Keep your eyes peeled on Pollination’s social channels to keep up to date with more announcements about this incredibly inspiring project.

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