23 February 2021

Highlights Week | Organisations And Platforms

Every day is a celebration of all the unique people that make 1020 Radio what it is.
For our first Highlights Week we will be highlighting the talent from female, female identifying, non-binary & trans residents and friends in the music and creative communities around the world.

We’ve put together a round up of music & creative industry organisations and platforms that support female, female identifying, non-binary & trans people:

Womxn’s Producer Group

“Founded by 1020 resident Bex, Womxn’s Producer Group Discord server recently launched in partnership with Saffron Records.
The server is an online community for womxn to discuss, share and support each other in music tech and production with threads for tune feedback, production tips, plug-in shares and more.”


“Saffron is a music tech initiative taking an intersectional approach to redressing the gender imbalance in the industry. Saffron operates as a social enterprise that primarily offers training in music production, sound engineering and DJing, as well as running an artist development program and record label.”

Girls I Rate

“GIRLS I RATE was founded to create a platform and voice for women to collaborate, celebrate and empower each other. It was formed to bring together the talent, influencers, advocates and passion we all share.”
Girls I Rate facilitate and host work placements, master-classes, workshops and panel discussions. Join their GIRARMY community with a membership.

Girls Need Music

“The goal of GNM is to empower music-interested women by sharing musical talent from a wide-range of genres, music industry news and providing a safe-space environment for women & non-binary to share music with each other. “

“ is a global independent network of women & gender minorities in music. Our mission is to empower all of us.
The community consists of women and gender minorities from all sectors of the music industry: from record labels, artist management companies, and booking agencies, through to technology platforms, creative agencies, composers, artists and more.”
You can join the community with a membership.


“female:pressure is an online database and network of artists and cultural workers who work in the fields of electronic music and digital arts. The network comprises over 2600 DJs, musicians, composers, VJs, visual artists and also bookers, promoters, journalists and researchers from 80 countries around the globe.”

Women In Music

“Women in Music is the industry’s leading non-profit working to advance the awareness, equality, diversity, heritage, opportunities, and cultural aspects of women in the musical arts through education, support, empowerment, and recognition.”

They offer mentoring and networking opportunities, educational seminars, panels and workshops.

EQL By SoundGirls

“The EQL directory amplifies the careers and achievements of women working behind the scenes in audio and production.

The EQL Directory seeks to bring the industry towards gender parity by uplifting and promoting the work of women and gender nonconforming people. The searchable directory enables users to showcase their work, market their skills, and reach out to each other for collaboration and networking.”


The F.List is a directory of female musicians in the UK.

“Empowering women to start and sustain careers in music.”

Search for musicians through-out the UK from categories including singer, composer, instrumentalist, DJ etc. within a range of musical genres.


“Omnii is a collective based in London, aiming to inspire women, trans and non-binary sound enthusiasts to operate in all aspects of audio production. We run workshops to provide and supplement technical knowledge both in the studio and in live sound.”


“London based beginners music production workshops.
Launched in February 2016, PRODUCERGIRLS was founded by London-based producer and DJ, E.M.M.A together with producer pals P Jam, Dexplicit, Ikonika and Nightwave to encourage more young women to take up electronic music production. The free to attend workshops give girls who have an interest in learning music production tips, expert advice and free software to help them get started. Producergirls now runs a series of tips on Instagram for aspiring producers.”

Girls Rock London

“Girls Rock London (GRL) is an award-winning charity based in Hackney. We provide high-quality music programming for young and adult women, trans, and non-binary people, with a specific focus on increasing access for people who face barriers to participation.
Our programmes are aimed at complete beginners as well as experienced musicians, and we work closely with
community partners to respond to the needs of young people experiencing multiple and intersecting
disadvantage. We aim to demystify music-making, challenge gender inequality in the music industry and wider
society, and provide safe, nurturing and joyful environments in which people can develop musically, personally
and socially.”

Babes On Waves

“Our online Business Clubis the first of its kind for diverse female founders, freelancers, creators & aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build confidence in business. Babes on Waves exists to give millennial & gen-z babes the tools to create the lives they want, and build confidence in themselves and their businesses. Our Self-Development online workshops are for any woman who wants to become more Confident, Assertive & Productive.”

Future Female Sounds

“Future Female Sounds is a non-profit organisation, community, and booking agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
A female-founded and led, global community of womxn DJs and creators. We run local & global DJ programmes where we arrange DJ workshops, masterclasses, and network meetings for womxn and gender minorities.


“A multidisciplinary digital platform of women, transgender and non-binary people in the music ecosystem. That seeks – through technology – to fight against the gender gap.”
Search engine: allows you to filter by location, occupation and style of music
Network: Each user creates a profile through which they can interact with other users around the world, look for collaborations, promote their work, generate discussions and clarify those questions that many of us ask ourselves.

Black Girl Fest

“A platform dedicated to black women, girls and non-binary people, full of inspiring events, progressive conversations and creative opportunities.” Hosting academy programmes, festivals and events.


“A place supporting and rooting for Womxn in Music. Founded by Jamz Supernova and Amy Collins.”
Check out their monthly podcast Flexxcast and keep an eye out for events across London.

Vocal Girls

“VOCAL GIRLS celebrates the most exciting new music, artists, bands and gigs from across the world. Here, you’ll find exclusive news, engaging interviews, honest gig reviews, topical opinion pieces and decisive album critiques on everything from Punk to Funk. Led by women, VOCAL GIRLS champions emerging talented musicians everywhere, with a focus on female and LGBTQ+ artists. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to be heard, so sing louder and shout louder and we’ll listen!”


“A vibrant online and print publication committed to sharing perspectives from women and non-binary people of colour.”
Covering culture, music, politics, lifestyle & more. Become a member & sign up for their weekly newsletter.

Musicians’ Union

“The Musicians’ Union (MU) is the only trade union for musicians, with over 30,000 members across the UK. Behind every musician.”

Hosting a range of online workshops & panels for IWD. Plus they have lots of free workshops and information on a range of areas from mental health & wellbeing to legal advice.

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