18 February 2021

Highlights Week | Collectives

Every day is a celebration of all the unique people that make 1020 Radio what it is.
For our first Highlights Week we will be highlighting the talent from female, female identifying, non-binary & trans residents and friends in the music and creative communities around the world.

We’ve put together a selection of collectives that are supporting, inspiring & creating safe spaces for female, female identifying, non-binary & trans people in music & creative industries:

Concrete Jungyals

“Bristol based female-led multi genre music & creative arts collective collaborating our creative skills to empower Fem-ID, PoC & LGBTQ+ in the form of music, art, discussions and events. Set up by a diverse group of women, we aim to create a safe space for female-identifying, non-binary, LGBTQ+ and POCs to network, learn and share their creative talent without judgement. We invite everyone who do not fall under these minority groups to join in the conversation and support those underserved and unheard.We strive to provide and facilitate opportunities for all to network together and support each other in their endeavours. Together we can grow, motivate and connect.”


“Sisu is a community providing a platform to educate, inspire and showcase aspiring women, trans women and non-binary DJ’s and producers. Through its DJ courses, events, radio shows, mix series and workshops, Sisu aims to connect and nurture new and existing talent in the electronic music community. The collective started to blossom in 2017 from a DJ course held at Southbank Centre in London.”

Bad Girls Club

“A creative community of openminded artists & performers creating fun & anti-discriminatory environments through performance & music.

Bad Girls Club is a platform which aims to provide womxn DJs, producers and dancers the opportunity to perform in clubs and festivals across the UK and worldwide. We want to empower the womxn we book and support them in being the best version of themselves, both within the music scene and in their own personal development.”

Sister brand of Birmingham based record label & events series Tunnel Vision.


“Selextorhood is a community that supports & promotes DJs whilst pushing for gender equality.”

Selextorhood run DJ workshops with guest host DJ’s including Jossie Mitsu, Roman Candles & Erica McKoy. Open deck sessions are hosted to provide a supportive platform for new DJ’s to take the next step. They collaborate with promoters in Birmingham, hold meet & greets and talks with people in the music industry.


“We believe that music is not only a powerful tool for self-expression, but also has the ability to bring people together to create positive societal change. Pollination is a platform that exists to make this happen.
Our goal is to remove gate-keeping, lower the barriers to entry and demystify what it takes to enjoy music on your own terms: real love and dedicated practice. In doing so, we hope to promote more positive and inclusive mindsets, and to create a network of music lovers that actively support each other on our respective musical endeavours.  We’re planning a programme of activity that aims to increase inclusivity in music, raise awareness of key issues and enable rich creative thinking in the process.”


Providing DJ and production workshops and hosting events across the UK.


“Discwoman is a New York-based platform, collective, and talent agency that showcases and represents talent in electronic music.”

Room 4 Resistance

“Room 4 Resistance is a berlin-based queer / femme forward collective focused on community-building and creating space & visibility for underrepresented artists in Dance music.
R4R run parties, host radio shows and curate panels to explore the political dimensions of Dance music and to promote artists who are underrepresented in the scene.”
“We celebrate musical diversity, sexualities, races, bodies, queer solidarity and community —which involves the audience as much as the DJs & promoters.We work towards creating a warm and safer space for everyone involved, to support & encourage people within our community, as well as to create bridges between different communities.”

Pxssy Palace

“Pxssy Palace is a space that prioritises womxn and femmes of colour and other queer, intersex and trans people of colour (QTIPOC).”


“London based Black Queer Art & DJ Collective.”
The collective includes DJ/producer Shy One, photographer & filmmaker Rhea, spoken word artist Kai, among others.


“A London based female collective of DJs and creatives. Hosting monthly shows on Foundation FM.”

The Beatriarchy

“The Beatriarchy is an inclusive platform to share, discuss and celebrate all kinds of electronic music.”

All Hands On Deck

“Manchester’s regular open-deck party & collective to allow women, trans and non-binary people to try their hands at DJing out in a low-pressure, all welcoming, and inclusive environment.”

Not Bad For A Girl

“Coming at you with 8 different DJs spanning every possible genre.” Manchester based, all female collective.”


“London based collective advocating equality and a balanced representation in DJ culture.”


“EQ50 is a collection of womxn working towards proper representation within drum and bass.The initiative was launched in Dec 2018 as a response to the gender inequality within drum and bass.”

Meat Free

“Democratising dancefloors one rave at a time.” Hosting techno parties in Manchester.”

House Of Hifi

“Underground music events and artist management service focussing in Jungle and DnB music.Originally based in Bournemouth.Aiming to push the careers of female Drum & Bass artists, but welcome all underground artists.”

Booty Bass

“Booty Bass; born for womxn and non binary folk to come together and play big, bad, unapologetic bangers from around the globe.”

Slut Drop

“DIY Leeds collective dropping noisy beats across the city. Focus on promoting female, nb, BME & LGBTQ+ creatives. SLUT DROP was set up with the twin aims of putting on some sick new music and providing a platform to women across all aspects of electronic music. DJS, producers, sound and lighting engineers, VJs, graphic designers, wannabees and anyone else excited about new electronic music and partying hard – get in touch!”

Sys Sister Sounds

“SYS Sister Sounds is a community built to empower and push women in the creative and music industry. The core aim of the organisation is to encourage and uplift women in the music industry through radio shows, workshops and interviews with women globally. Based in Hanoi, Vietnam.”

Shifting Spheres

“Manchester based DJ collective providing DJ training programs for women, transgender and non-binary people.”

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