26 August 2021

1020 Selects | August

As August is coming to a close, it’s time for another round up of shows from through-out the month. Specially selected to compliment your mood, whether you want something energetic for some bank holiday partying or shows to wind down and relax with, we’ve got you covered!

Sunday Soothers

Shows selected for winding down, curing hangovers & helping you reset before a new week begins.

Music For Sitting Down
Prepping you for the slower side of life, expect ambient, ambient jazz & downtempo to soundtrack your lazy Sunday.
Ambient Affairs w/ Slow Cooked
Merging the latest news headlines with an improvised cello set, creating a dreamscape of current events. 
Night Sounds
Sharing sounds to aid sleep, lay back & treat your ears to the blend of ambient, jazz & folk 

In Conversation

Shows selected that feature interviews & lots of chat for you to soak up.

Hosted by siblings Safiya & Yusef, they celebrate & discuss the South Asian contribution to underground UK music scenes.
Host Tam chats to East Midlands based soundsystem Resonant Sounds, discussing how they started, tips for budding sound engineers & more!
Dolce Vita
Host Lav gets to know London based guest Babyface Music, they chat about how Babyface was started, the current state of the underground UK music scene & future plans.

Bank Holiday Heaters

Shows selected to soundtrack the (hopefully) hot & sunny bank holiday weekend, whether you’re getting the BBQ on the go or need some energy for your road trip!

Lo Chi & Friends
Lo Chi is joined by YeYe, bringing you a high energy selection of techno, garage & club.
Youth Eternal
London based Moonkay shared an eclectic blend of experimental hip hop, trap, footwork, bassline and Drum & Bass on his debut Youth Eternal show!
TrYb’s Bass & Beats Show
Get moving with the sounds of TrYb, with an hour of hard drum, gqom, Jersey club, amapiano & bass heavy tracks!

Easy Listening

Shows selected for when you need some chilled out music to soundtrack your desk job or your dinner party!

Lucky Dip
Lucky Dip host Fiona shares a selection of hidden gems found when digging through mystery 7″ record bundles, expect 60s, jazz, soul & world.
Iona Coburn’s Jar Of Sweets
Iona Coburn’s Jar Of Sweets shares a tasty & mixed bag of tunes, spanning through RnB, jazz, electronic & alternative. Sit back & enjoy!
Chill Songs For Unquiet Minds
Brazilian born, London based host Tigas brings you world flavours, moving through jazz, samba, bossa nova, reggaeton & funk.

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