30 August 2021

1020 Residents Release Roundup | August 2021

We’ve compiled another selection of recent releases produced by 1020 residents.

Berwick | La Flamingo

Berwick, host of the Indecency show, has released a track on Unrivaled Groove Vol.1 from USA based label MAISON FAUNA. The limited vinyl & digital compilation features tracks from 5 USA artists & 5 UK artists.

Two Toke | Cloud Lament

Also featuring on the same compilation (Unrivaled Groove Vol.1) is Two Toke, host of Adult Lullabies. The compilation highlights the growing connection between the USA & UK garage scenes.

Fly By Night | Hedchef | A Disappeared Regime Of Materiality

Fly By Night Records have released their 8th EP, this time with Hedchef, featuring remixes by Denham Audio & Tom Place.

Genres: electro, techno & breakbeat

Bakongo | Clutch: Cando (Bakongo Remix)

Bakongo has remixed a track of Cando’s latest EP, coming soon on Le Chatroom. Available to pre-order now, out on 17th September.

Gavnlig | Brands Are Not Our Friends

Gavnlig has released a 3 track EP on Copenhagen label Indexlife.

Genres: bass, breaks & electronic

Sloan | Joyless State

Sloan has created a self releasing label on Bandcamp. His first 4 track EP is available which highlights his dancefloor influences & experiences from his time between Glasgow & London.

Genres: bass, garage, techno & house.

Transit Records | Thirstkid | Colazione/Sowin’

Manila based resident Sean Bautista’s (Duality show host) label Transit Records have released a 2 track EP, the first release for the artist Thirstkid.

Genres: funky house.

Mantissa | Mantissa 001

The mix series & music platform Mantissa, co-run by Tom Allman, host of the Poyntz show, have made a move into becoming a label with their first 4 track EP, created by an unnamed artist.

Genres: electronic, club, breaks & house.

Longeez | Eastvile Park

Longeez features on a 23 track VA entitled Dred Collective: Volume 6, released by London based label Dred Collective.

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